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22-Dec-2019 14:55

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You can find details in your phone book or from websites such as the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (, the British Deaf Association ( or the National Deaf Children's Society (

You can get more information about Deaf studies degrees from UCLan ( Other universities, including Bristol and Wolverhampton, offer courses.

Cross-disciplinary/ interdisciplinary research foci in data analytics will be important.

An interest in data analytics applications, particularly for entrepreneurial new venture creation, is very desirable.

Graduates from UCLan are currently working as lecturers in deaf studies courses (me!

Other subjects covered on the course include: There is also the opportunity to undertake work placements, both in Britain and abroad, in which students work closely with deaf organisations to further their knowledge and skills. There are many jobs that deaf studies can lead into, although I must stress that having a deaf studies degree is not in itself a qualification for certain types of work.Over 90 per cent of deaf studies graduates at UCLan have found work or gone on to further study in the first year after graduating. If you think you might be interested in taking a deaf studies degree but don't know anything about deafness or deaf people, this isn't a problem.Why not contact your local deaf club or one of the national deaf organisations and ask if there is any voluntary work you could be involved in?For example, if you want to become a teacher of the deaf or a social worker with deaf people, you would still need further professional qualifications.

With or without specific qualifications, you can work in a great number of jobs relating to deafness.Fields included are: Accounting/Financial Data Analytics, Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Educational Analytics, and Remote Sensing/Spatial Data Analytics.

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